The document begins with setting forth certain philosophical issues. A transition from these issues occurs at the end of the second paragraph.What is Jefferson discussing?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think you are referring to the section of grievances that Jefferson lists in his work.  Essentially, Jefferson moves from political philosophy about the nature of human beings to the realm of political reality that is enveloping the Colonists.  In this section, Jefferson lists all the wrongs that have been perpetrated upon the colonists by the British and the King.  The purpose of this section is to make clear that the relationship between both the colonies and the British goes against the philosophical setting that was established in the opening.  Jefferson does this deliberately.  He understands that the principles established in the opening are values that are not present in the current condition.  In using philosophy as almost ironic when set against the contingent present, Jefferson is able to link his statement to both theoretical principles of the good and a political reality that has strayed from such ideals.