Who is discussing Ender at the beginning of most chapters and what are their intentions in Ender's Game?

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Most chapters in Ender's Game begin with short dialogs about Ender, Ender's progress at Battle School, or the approaching threat of war with the alien bugger race. Often in these dialogs, the speakers are not identified. Occasionally, however, the speakers use each other's names. This makes it clear that the people involved in the discussions are Colonel Graff, Major Anderson, Admiral Chamrajnagar, and other adults who are responsible for training Ender and fighting the buggers.

The speakers' intentions are to save humanity from the bugger threat, and to figure out how ruthless they must be to achieve that goal. The men often say they are hurting Ender, but they almost always add that they wish they did not have to harm him. They repeatedly bring up the bugger threat, saying they have to push Ender to the limits of his endurance if he is ever going to become great enough to lead the human army to win the war.

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