speak about Tony and his role in she stoops to conquer.a critical essay about his role

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Tony Lumpkin was the son of Mrs Hardcastle by her 1st husband.Spoilt from childhood by her mother he grew up to be an illiterate brat devoted only to cakes and ales,horses and girls.He nearly plays the role of Shakespearean jestor who is no fool but the cleverest of all.He helped actively Constance Neville to be united with Hestings,though not selflessly.He wanted to get rid of Neville to attain the buxom Bet Bouncer,but it is noteworthy that he was not even greedy for Neville's jewels but actually stole them from his mother to give it to her.The mischief he played in the 1st act with Marlow creates the central confusion of the play.But the plague he did with Mrs Hardcastle really stifles the audience with laughter.He is the real life spirit of the play and with his Puckish conduct, the play moves on with dynamic energy.

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