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Spanish help por favor! When saying 'our' in Spanish, can you say 'nuestroS' or 'nuestraS'? Or is the proper way of using 'our' just saying 'nuestro' or 'nuestra' without the added 's' even when it's coming from two or more people? (I would like to say "our grandmother gave her something"--"our" meaning 'she and I') Thanks in advance!

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The answer to "our grandmother gave her something" in Spanish is "Nuestra abuela le dio algo a ella"

The only time when you use "nuestras" is if its MORE than one grandma. The other nouns are not what "our" is modifying.

The only time when you use "nuestros" is if referring to more than one GRANDFATHER.

take away the S for singulars.

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