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Spanish help needed! How would you answer the following questions? 1) Jose espera a su amigo que viene en avion desde Columbia. Jose sabe que su amigo debe pasar primero por la inspeccion de seguridad. Por donde tiene que pasar su amigo despues? 2) "Uf! Primero espere en la inspeccion de suguridad. Luego me dijeron que mi vuelo llega con retraso. Y ahora anuncian que el vuelo tiene problemas mecanicos. Caramba!" Que necesita tener este pasajero?

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There is some level of vagueness present in the question.  When you say that you need help with it, I guess I am wondering if you need help with the translation of the two situations or how to respond to them or a combination of both.  It sounds to me as if this was something discussed or assigned in class, which means that the answers might be there.  If not, the sky is the limit on answers you can receive and add that to the translation element and you might be in for some possible responses that are not really sanctioned by your teacher.  If you have a text or some base from which the situations are derived, I would use these to assist in your answering the question.  The first situation is asking you to assess what Jose should do given the fact that his friend is arriving via plane from Colombia.  The friend has to go through security inspections  and the question is where should Jose meet his friend.  The second situation throws a bit of a monkey wrench in the plans (Note:  "Uf!" means something like, "Darn" or "Golly Gee.")  Jose realizes that his friend is going though security and this might take a while, and is wondering what he should do in terms of waiting.  He also realizes via announcement that the plane experienced technical or mechanical problems and is very flabbergasted about what to do or where he should go.

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