Space shuttles and roversall about space suttles and rovers. like Spaceshuttle Endeavour and rover lile Curiosity.

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I think the previous post is perhaps referencing the space station, not the space shuttle, which is no longer in operation. In any case, while expensive, I would argue that a space program reaps considerable benefits. Beyond simple curiosity, which is important in itself, research conducted in space has led to a host of technological advances and new products. Some of these, like Velcro and Teflon, have been popularized by the space program and became part of everyday use. Others, like an artificial heart pump, advances in robotics used in surgery, GPS, and others were the result of applying space technology to terrestrial fields. This is not to mention the innumerable advances in cellular biology, medicine, and other fields that have come from experiments conducted in space. So I think the space program has been worth it, and ought to continue to be supported.



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Last Friday, the space shuttle flew directly over my head.  It was close enough that I could read the writing on the side of the plane that hauled it.  Yes, this was an expensive experience: not for me, but for the government.  I have no interest in space, but I will admit that seeing the shuttle gave me goosebumps.  It is an amazing accomplishment.

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