Important dates in South Asia up 1750-1914?What are some important dates and events from South Asia in the period 1750 - 1914?

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The birth of Mahatma Gandhi in 1869 would certainly have to be considered an important date in this period of South Asian history.  His leadership and sacrifice played an integral role in India eventually gaining independence from Great Britain.

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As part of the Seven Years' War (which surely deserves the title "World War") the British defeated French forces in India, thus bringing the subcontinent, or at least most of its major seaports, under the control of the British East India Company. This happened from 1757-1761.

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I would look at dates and events having to do with British control of India during this time.  I would look at 1757.  That was the year that Clive and his army defeated the Mughals and consolidated power over India for the East India Company.  I would look at the Sepoy Mutiny that occurred 100 years later.