Does South Africa have any current conflicts with any neighboring countries?                            

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South Africa does not have any conflicts with its neighboring countries at this time. While there have been conflicts in the past, the last war South Africa fought with a neighboring country was the Forgotten War with Angola from 1966-1989.

The main issue South Africa has faced was ending the system of Apartheid. This system kept the white minority in power. As word spread of the mistreatment of Black South Africans, international pressure was placed on the government to end this system. This pressure included boycotts, non-violent protests, international isolation, and armed resistance. Some of the armed resistance was in the form of attacks by groups from neighboring countries that were protesting the Apartheid system.

In 1994, the Apartheid system ended. This brought calmer times to South Africa. There have been no major battles or conflicts in South Africa or with its neighboring countries since this time.

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South Africa has no current conflicts with its neighbors in-line with its "quiet diplomacy" policy. However, there have been historical conflicts between the country and its neighbors.

South Africa was in a conflict situation with Botswana in the 80s and early 90s. This was due to Botswana’s cooperation with the military wing of the ANC and other opposition groups in the struggle against apartheid. Lesotho, completely surrounded by South Africa, was also embroiled in similar conflict, which led to Lesotho stating it was at war with South Africa.

South Africa was also involved in a border war with Angola. South Africa militarily supported the rebel movement in Angola (UNITA) led by Jonas Savimbi against the government. After Angola’s first democratic election in 1992, South Africa withdrew its diplomatic presence further straining the relations.

It is important to note that some of the major conflicts occurred during pre-independent South Africa and better diplomatic relations have been established since.

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South Africa has not been involved in a formal war since the conclusion of The South African Border War or the Angolan Bush War of 1966 to 1989, resulting in a negotiated settlement of Nambia's independence. 

Currently, there is still endemic political violence within South Africa itself, although not on the level of some of the "failed states" to its north, fueled by high crime rates, political corruption, and the inequality that remains as the legacy of colonialism. 

The main conflicts in Africa in which South Africa is involved are civil wars and insurgencies. In both of these, South Africa contributes troops as part of multilateral efforts to deal with groups such as Boko Haram and al Shabaab and ongoing civil strife in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

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