If the source of cruelty and evil in the novel, The God of Small Things, is the class segregation system, what are the implications of this cruelty?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It seems to me that the most overwhelming aspect of the cruelty at the hands of the class segregation system lies in the reality that individual action is motivated by its adherence over all else.  Roy seems to be suggesting that the class and caste system in India have done a fairly good job of coloring the way individuals see one another and see themselves.  It is through this lens where all interaction is filtered.  For example, Ammu has difficulty looking past the fact that her father is an Anglophile whose status as an Indian is precluded by his love for the British.  Vellya Paapen is such an apologist for the caste system that he kills his own child in recognition of this system.  Roy suggests that the seismic convergence of caste and class, imposed by the British, have done a good job of rendering all relationships viewed through these lights.  This reality is one where all connections are impacted and proves to be a massive implication of the segregation system of the time.