In "A Sound of Thunder," what does the use of technology without moral conviction mean?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The use of technology without moral conviction means that people embrace technology without principles that guide behavior.  

In many ways, Bradbury's story is about the use of technology without moral conviction.  No one uses moral conviction about the implications of technology. Everyone's focus is concentrated upon going back in time to kill a dinosaur.  Moral conviction means that individuals are asking whether or not the use of a specific technology is appropriate.  There is little reflection of that type in the story. Individuals are concerned with the rational elements about not breaking off the specific path and not changing elements within time's fabric.  However, they don't ask the fundamental question of whether or not this is a morally appropriate use of technology.

Bradbury deliberately creates a world that uses technology without moral conviction.  He is suggesting that technological advancement without a moral or ethical compass can present unforeseen dangers.  This is seen in the story's ending where a worse world emerges due to human misuse of technology.