A Sound of Thunder

by Ray Bradbury

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In "A Sound of Thunder" by Ray Bradbury, why does Travis work for "Time Safari Inc."?

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The text does not state why Travis or any of the other Time Safari Inc. employees work for the company.  It is up to the reader to come up with some possible reasons.  

One of my reasons for why Travis works for the company is because it probably pays well.  Early in the story, the reader is told that if Eckels disobeys any of the rules, then he will be fined $10,000.  That's a hefty fine.  If that's what the fine is, I can't imagine what the ticket price must have cost.  The text says that Eckels slapped down a 10,000 dollar check, but that might just be the final installment.  If Time Safari Inc. has clients that throw around ten grand like it's nothing, then I'm sure the employees get paid fairly well too.  

I also think that Travis is probably a bit of a history buff.  He seems in awe of being able to travel back so far in time.  He doesn't sit back and wait for their arrival.  Instead, he narrates details of the timeline along the way.  

"Christ isn't born yet," said Travis, "Moses has not gone to the mountains to talk with God. The Pyramids are still in the earth, waiting to be cut out and put up. Remember that. Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler­--none of them exists." The man nodded.

Lastly, I think that Travis enjoys adventure and danger.  If he didn't like the sort of danger associated with going back in time and hunting really dangerous animals, then he probably wouldn't work for Time Safari Inc. in the first place.  

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