On "Soul On Ice", Why did the author call white woman a ogre? Describe ogre in his own words. What was his obsession?

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In Soul On Ice, the author calls the white woman an ogre because he cannot seem to repudiate (to cast off or to reject) his male attraction to her. He feels defenseless against the onslaught of her sexual power over him. He describes himself being at the mercy of her frantic grasp.

I tried to repudiate The Ogre, root it out of my heart as I had done God, Constitution, principles, morals, and values--but The Ogre had its claws buried in the core of my being and refused to let go. I fought frantically to be free, but The Ogre only mocked me and sank its claws deeper into my soul.

When a guard tears up a picture of a white girl in his prison cell, Cleaver is incensed. The pieces of the torn picture floating in the commode remind him of 'a dead body floating in a lake.' It's clear that Cleaver is obsessed with white women. He discovers that his fellow black inmates also revere white women and that they regard these women as the gold standard for feminine beauty. However, Cleaver soon realizes that his lust is driving him to distraction. Thus begins his journey to make sense of his obsession.

I knew then that I had found an important key, that if I conquered The Ogre and broke its power over me I would be free. But I also knew that it was a race against time and that if I did not win I would certainly be broken and destroyed. I, a black man, confronted The Ogre--the white woman.

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