Sorry, I'm trying to remember the name of a book (or movie, I forgot). Does anyone remember a name of a book/movie with someone named Senaa?

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After looking at multiple sites, I only found three different characters named Senna/Sena/Cinna. (I tried different spellings to gain the most information.)

The first character I came across is named Sena Kobayakawa. This character is the protagonist from an anime/manga (from Japan) entitled Eyeshield 21. The series depicts a football team in which Sena becomes a gopher for the team.

The second character I came across was Senna from Breaking Dawn (part of The Twilight series). Sena does not have a large part in the series and is one of the three Amazon sisters detailed in the novel.

Cinna, from The Hunger Games, is Katniss' handler. He is responsible for making Katniss ready to be seen by the public. Cinna is known for creating a persona for Katniss that all of the people of the districts talk about.

If you can provide me with any more information I may be able to single the title out a little more.

allora | Student

There are a lot of Sena's in mangas but they tend to main or seconary cheracters and not old enough to have children. Your senaa would probably be from a novel or a movie. Do you remenber anything else from what you're trying to remember?

schoolie | Student

Hey, thank you both for your answers. I'm trying to remember the title of the book/movie and a character in particular, I can't remember his name. D:


- Senaa was the mother of this character.

- Nobody knew who the father of Senaa's child was.

bonhomiebeyotch | Student

well,u need to telll whether the character you're talking about,was a sort of animal,or a human being,because I remember a story which centred around a pomeranian,Sanaa