someone to help with promotion planI heard been asked to draw a promotion plan which contain the following headings but i am i bit confused so i will like someone to help me through and this is...

someone to help with promotion plan

I heard been asked to draw a promotion plan which contain the following headings but i am i bit confused so i will like someone to help me through and this is what i want. A promotion plan sample that contain company introduction, company analysis, company objectives, marketing plan, targeting strategy, targeting strategy, positioning, type of campaign either burst or drip, campaign strategy push or pull, promotion objectives, media plan, budget, time table and how effectiveness can be measured. thanks

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It sounds like there is much there to analyze.  I am certain that all of them can be integrated fairly successfully.  However, I believe that you might be able to gain more out of the process if you are willing to focus on one or two of these items and develop your plan of promotion around them.  This might require you and others to prioritize what you deem as important and play around with these ideas in the development of your plan.  One of the most dangerous elements for any endeavor, including business, is to overextend and attempt to do too much and in the end sensing that nothing gets done effectively.

krishna-agrawala | Student

It appears the scope of your assignment extends far beyond drawing up a promotion plan. It is not possible to discuss all these issues meaningfully in in the limited space available on this discussion board. However As focus of assignment appears to be promotion plan, I will limit my contribution to this area.

A promotion plan refers to a projected organization structure showing likely position that existing people in the organization are likely to occupy in future. Such a plan is prepared based on two main consideration. One is the future requirement of personnel in the organization. This involves projecting the planned business activities and volumes of the company. Second consideration is the improvement in ability of individual employees to take up higher positions in the organization. This also involves consideration of the aspiration of the employees. Unless a company is able to offer attractive carer prospect to its employees, they are more likely to seek employment elsewhere and leave the company.

The process followed for preparing a promotion plan is to first prepare a projected organization structure without showing the people who will fill various position. Next is to find out what people are not likely to be available to fill these position because of retirement. positions occupied by these people will fall vacant in future which needs to be filled. There will be other positions to be filled because of expansion and r organization. Combining these two types of vacant position we get the total posts to be filled by internal promotion or external recruitment.

Next step in promotion plan is to identify existing people who are likely to be ready to take up higher responsibilities. These people can be assigned to some of the positions likely to be available in future. But this creates additional vacancy at position currently occupied by them. These vacancies created by planned promotion can then be assigned by promotions at lower levels. This process can start at the highest level in the organization till the vacant position at the lowest level are considered.

This process may still leave many vacant position as there is no suitable people  within the company to occupy specific position, and because the total manpower requirement is higher than the existing manpower after considering people retiring or leaving company for other reasons.

Also it may be necessary to prepare some of the existing people to take up higher positions in the organization by suitable training and other development. Plans for all these will form a part of the promotion plan.