Does someone have a good summary of "Inherit the Wind"?

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Enotes has an excellent summary of each scene and act of this play. Go to the sites below for an extensive overview of the play. I can only give you the basics of each act.

In Act I, we are introduced to the characters, the conflicts, and the setting. A schoolteacher is on trial for teaching evolution in his class. He is being defended by Drummond, a well-known defense attorney, and Hornbeck is the newspaper columnist covering the trial. Matthew Brady will be prosecuting the case. Most of the people in this Tennessee town supports creationism rather than the theory of evolution. Creationism is the belief that man was created by God, and evolution is the theory that man evolved from apes. After picking jurors, a bible meeting is held that evening, and a quote from Proverbs gives the play its title: "He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind."

Act II takes place in the middle of the trial. The prosecution has rested its case, and the defense wanted to call scientists to testify, but the judge ruled their testimony isn't relevant to the trial. The only person Drummond calls is Brady, the prosecutor, and Drummond asks him questions about the Bible. His questions destroy Brady's credibility.

In Act III, the jury finds the defendant guilty, and he's fined $100.00. Then Drummond announces that he'll appeal the verdict to the state supreme court. Brady collapses and dies.

A more complete summary is at the sites below.

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