What other social and economic factor, aside from the health belief model, motivates change in health choices?  

Expert Answers
jraineharrison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Individuals' health choices are motivated and caused by multiple factors. The social determinants of health take into consideration the economic, social factors and policies affecting the health of a population.

Living and working conditions also affect a population's health status. When examining health choices, a public health professional may consider employment status, occupation, income and education.  Health choices may be made by resultant available medical care or health resources.  

Social, family and community networks further have an impact on health choices.  For example, some cultural activities focus largely on food consumption.  As a result, making healthier food choices may be more difficult for individuals in those social and community networks.  

Individual behavior also plays a key role in health choices.  These choices may be affected by age, gender, race, biological factors, and lifestyle.