What are some key crisis points in The Kite Runner? I would just like some key points in the novel where crises occurred that's really relevant to the novel, preferably in relation to various characters.

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  • Chapter 3.  Amir cries at a Buzkashi tournament, and Baba is ashamed of him, telling Rahim Khan that "there is something missing in that boy."
  • Chapter 4.  Amir presents Baba his first short story, but Baba refuses to read it. But Rahim and Hassan like it, and it "buoyed" Amir's spirits.
  • Chapter 5.  Assef threatens Amir, and Hassan is forced to defend him. For his birthday present, Baba delivers a plastic surgeon to fix Hassan's lip, but it leaves Amir jealous of his father's affection toward Hassan.
  • Chapter 7.  Amir wins the kite flying tournament, and Baba has never been prouder of his son. But when Amir witnesses Assef raping Hassan, he cowardly refuses to come to his assistance.
  • Chapter 9.  Amir plants birthday gifts under Hassan's mattress, knowing Baba will accuse him of theft. To Amir's surprise, Baba forgives Hassan, but Ali and Hassan leave Baba's home in disgrace.
  • Chapter 10.  Baba and Amir are forced to leave Kabul, leaving their home forever.
  • Chapter 11.  Amir falls in love with "Soraya Taheri. My Swap Meet Princess."
  • Chapter 12.  Baba is diagnosed with cancer.
  • Chapter 13.  Baba dies, and Amir and the barren Soraya yearn for a child.
  • Chapter 17.  Amir learns from Rahim about the deaths of Hassan and his wife--and that Hassan is actually Baba's son.
  • Chapter 19.  Amir begins his journey back into Afghanistan to search for Sohrab.
  • Chapter 22.  Amir locates Sohrab, who is being held by Assef, now a Taliban leader. Assef agrees to let Amir leave with Sohrab--if he can outfight him. Sohrab blinds Assef with a shot from his slingshot, and the beating Amir takes makes him feel "Healed at last."
  • Chapter 24.  Amir discovers that Sohrab will be safe only if he returns to California with Amir. Sohrab is denied permission  to immigrate to America, and he later attempts suicide.
  • Chapter 25.  Sohrab refuses to speak once back in California, but at the end of the novel, he flashes a "lopsided" smile, and Amir's hopes for their future together soar as he runs Sohrab's kite--just as Hassan had done for him.

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