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What are some important points in favour of democracy?

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There are many reasons why we can say that democracy is the best form of government.  Let us look at three of them.

  • It does not let any single person have control of the government. We have seen in the past that dictatorships can lead to horrible outcomes.  The Holocaust under Hitler and the mass killings of political dissenters under Stalin were done in governments where a single person could rule.  These kinds of atrocities are much less likely in a democracy because no single person is in control.
  • Democracy gives people the greatest amount of freedom.   In a democracy, the people (or at least the majority) are the dominant force.  This is the best system because people deserve to be able to govern themselves.  People have the greatest freedom when they have the chance to make their own decisions.
  • Democracies are more likely to be stable.  In a democracy, the people know that they get to vote on their leaders.  If they are angry at the government, they know that they can simply vote to change it in the next election.  This means that they will not get angry enough to start a revolution and overthrow their whole system.  In a dictatorship, the people have no rights.  If they do not like the way things are, they have no way of changing things.  Therefore, they get angrier and angrier.  If, at some point, the dictator gets too weak to keep the people down, they will rise up and overthrow the government.  This is very unlikely in a democracy where people know they have the ability to affect the government.

These are three of the most important reasons in favor of democracy.

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