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Some experts have argued that some of the categories of leadership identified in the managerial grid are appropriate for managing in the private sector and others are more appropriate in the public sector. In your opinion, which of the five styles mentioned in the managerial grid would work best for the public sector?

The style of management that would work best in the public sector depends entirely on what kind of public-sector job you are talking about. For municipal police departments, a Team-Management approach is preferable. For the construction and maintenance of city infrastructure, a Middle-of-the-Road or Authority-Compliance model might be better.

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Robert Blake and Jane Mouton came up with their “managerial grid” in 1964 for the purposes of determining the different behavioral styles associated with good leadership. It is set on a standard x-y axis, the x-axis representing attention to production and the y-axis representing concern for people. When attempting to answer a question like the one you’ve posed, it is important to think about exactly what division of the public sector you are speaking about, and what the responsibilities of that position entail.

For example, jobs in the public sector include positions in municipal police departments. In this line of work, it is obviously desirable to have decent work productivity, which would include things such as successfully catching wanted criminals,...

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