Are some Calvin Klein perfume ads intended to send certain messages ?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Of course, the main message that an ad is supposed to send is "buy this product."  What makes ads different from one another is the message they send about why consumers should buy their product.

Different Calvin Klein ads send different messages about this.  Many of them are meant to send the message that the use of these scents will make a person more sexually attractive.  That is the message being sent to women in this ad, which is implying that a woman who uses "Euphoria" will be as sexually attractive as the woman in the ad.

However, other Klein ads send a different message, presumably because they are for a different scent.  For example, this ad is meant to send the message that a man who wears "Eternity" is the sort of man that a woman would want to settle down with.  He is the sort of man who plays well with his children.  His wife (presumably) looks at him adoringly, and we are told that what they have will never end.

So, these two ads have very different ways of trying to sell Calvin Klein scents.