Some argue that"A Rose for Emily" is an indictment of the decadent values of the aristocratic Old South as symbolized by Emily. Do you agree?   

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I certainly agree that Emily Grierson symbolizes more of the decadent aspects of the Old South than Homer Barron represents Northern corruption. Homer may be viewed by some people of Jefferson as a "damn Yankee," but the negative aspects of his character are few. He may have led Miss Emily on, and even deserted her, but he was a likeable fellow who may well have seen the dark side of Emily's character and decided to move on to greener pastures. Miss Emily, on the other hand, represented many of the antebellum South's worst values. Friendless and unfriendly, she was "a little too high" for what she really was. She considered herself above the law, and she refused to change with the times. Her eccentric ways emulated the actions of pre-Civil War Southern aristocrats, and she died unapologetic,

... passed from generation to generation--dear, inescapable, dear, tranquil and perverse.


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