Solve y = 5/cos (x^2)? I asked this question and it was answered in terms of graph. I would like to how to derive this?  

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

`y = 5/(cos^2 x)` represents a relation between y and x. This is not something that can be solved, unless x or y has to be determined for a particular value of y or x repectively.

Examples of such equations are `5 = 5/(cos^2x)` . The solution to this is `cos^2x = 1`

=> `cos x = 1` and `cos x = -1`

=> `x = n*2*pi` and `pi + n*2*pi`

Similarly, an example of an equation where the value of x is given is: `y = 5/(cos^2 pi)`

=> y = 5/1

=> y = 1