Solve for x: A) 1/2x= - 15 B) x/5=16 Be sure to simplify your answer. Check your solution

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To solve an equation we must get an answer for x. Therefore multiply both sides by 2 which can be written as `2/1`  if it is confusing with fractions:

`2/1 times 1/2 x = -15 times 2`

`therefore x=-30`

To check your answer, substitute the value for x into the original equation. Due to the fraction -30 can be written as `(-30)/1` :

`1/2times (-30)/1 = -15`

`(-30)/2 = -15`

-15 = -15

`therefore` x=-30

Treat the second equation the same way by multiplying by the denominator (5) and solve. eNotes rules do not allow me to answer multiple questions. Or you can post the second one separately.

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A) 1/2x= - 15 B) x/5=16

Let's start with A first 

(1/2)x=-15 since we need x alone multiply and cancel

(2)(1/2)x=-15(2) x=-30

Now for B

`(x/5)=16 To get x alone take out 5 from the denominator, `



` `

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A) 1/2x= - 15

Multiply by 2 to get rid of the 2

`2xx(1/2x= - 15)`


B) x/5=16

as for this multiply the whole thing by 5 to get rid of the fraction


x= 80

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