solve for x: sinx=x

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You need to know that the equation is called transcendental since it contains a trigonometric function, which is a transcendent function.

You should solve this equation using the graphical method, hence, you need to draw the garphs of the functions `y = x`  and `y = sin x` . The solution to the transcendental equation is represented by the abscissa of the point of intersection of graphs.

You need to draw the graph of `y = x`  such that:

You need to draw the graph of function `y = sin x`  such that:

You need to draw both graphs in the same cartesian system to check if they intersect each other such that:

Notice that the abscissa of point of intersection of the graphs is `x= 0` , hence, `x = 0 ` is the solution to the equation`x = sin x` .