Solve for v 3(v-13)+4<10? Write the answer as an inequality.

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We'll remove the brackets:

3v - 39 + 4 < 10

We'll isolate the term in v to the left side and we'll move all the numbers alone to the right side:

3v < 10 + 39 - 4

3v < 45

v < 15

The inequality is satisfied by all values of v, smaller than 15, excepting the value of 15: v < 15.

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3v-39+4<10 (open the brackets)

3v<10+39-4  (take all the constants on one side)

v<45/3 (divide by 3 on the other side to get v)

therefore v<15

The inequality that satisfies the equation is v<15 therefore all the values less then 15 can satisfy this equation.

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