Solve for "t" -4t+1=3t+1-7tDon't understand how to solve for "t". I also get confused.

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-4t + 1 = 3t + 1 - 7t

Combining like terms

-4t + 1 = 1 - 4t

Adding 4t to both sides we get

1 = 1

This is called an identity.  If, when solving an equation you get an identity, this means any real number can be substituted for t and you will get a true answer.

If when solving an equation you get something that is false, 2=3 for example, this means no number will solve the equation.  This is called a contradicition, and we denote it's solution as `O/` (the null set).

Since the answer to this problem is an identity, it means the solution is `RR` , the real numbers.

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we will just move the like terms on one side and the constants on the other,



oh,now i understand the problem why u cant get the ans.i think the question has a mistake.

hope that helped.


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