Solve the system: `x^2-4y^2=16`  ```x-6y=-4` 

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tjbrewer eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To solve the equation, we solve the second equation for x.  `x-6y=-4->x=6y-4`

Now we substitute our value for x, into the first equation. 


We simplify and we get


Combine like terms, and solve for 0


The most obvious answer is that y=0, and that is one solution.  The other value is found by rewriting the equation:


we divide each side by y and get


We solve for y by dividing 48 by 32 and  `y=48/32=3/2=1 1/2`

now we substitute these y values back into one of our original equations to get x values. 



So our answers are ``and `x=-4, 5`` `

Or in ordered pairs (-4,0) and (5, 1.5)

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