Solve the following polynomial inequality: 4x - 5 <= 2(x-7)Show all your work

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jeew-m eNotes educator| Certified Educator

4x-5 <=2(x-7)


First lets expand the brackets

4x-5 <= 2x-2*7


Now lets subtract 2x from both sides.Then the right side x terms will be vanished

4x-5-2x <= 2x-14-2x

    2x -5 <= -14


Now lets add 5 to both sides which will isolate the x terms in left side

2x-5+5 <= -14+5

        2x <= -9


Not both sides will be divided by 2 to have x only in left side.

 2x/2 <= -9/2

      x <= -9/2


4x-5 <=2(x-7) inequality will be satisfied when x is lesser or equal to -9/2. So x can have values -9/2 to - `oo` .

We can write it as follows.

 `x in (-oo,-9/2]`

odette95 | Student

4x - 5 <= 2(x-7)


Solve this by changing the inequality sign to an equal sign, so we have:


Distribute 2 to the parenthesis:


Combine like terms, that is; those which contains variables should be on the LEFT SIDE of the equation and constants should be on the RIGHT SIDE:



Divide both sides by 2:

x= -4.5