Solve the following inequality. Express your answer in interval notation. `2<=-(-1/2x-3)<6` 

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To solve the inequality, we need to separate this into two separate inequalities, and then solve each of them.  

The first is:

`2<=-(-1/2x-3)`   distribute negative

`2<=1/2x+3`   move 3 to other side

`-1<=1/2x`   multiply by 2

`-1<=x`   read from right to left instead of left to right


The other inequality is:

`-(-1/2x-3)<6`   distribute negative

`1/2x+3<6`   move 3 to other side

`1/2x<3`   multiply by 2


The solution to the original inequality is the combination of the two separate ones, which is `-1<=x<6`  which is `x in[-1,6)` in interval notation.

The solution is `x in[-1,6)` .