Solve and explain the equation 2x + 16 = 10

udonbutterfly | Student

 2x + 16 = 10

In order to solve for x you are going to subtract 16 on both sides and you will get 2x alone.

 2x + 16 -16 = 10 - 16

2x = -6 Now divide the 2 from 2x on both sides and you will have your answer.

2x /2 = -6/2

x = -3

To check your answer plug -3 into the equation so...

2 x -3 + 16 = 10

-6 + 16 = 10

10 = 10 x=-3 is correct

zumba96 | Student

2x + 16 = 10

Move the like terms on one side to isolate the variable



Divide by 2


nisarg | Student

2x + 16 = 10

2x=-6               subtract 6 from both sides

x=-3                 divide both sides by 2

jess1999 | Student

2x + 16 = 10 Here are the steps to solve this equation

First you have to try to get " x " alone, so you would have to subtract 16 on both sides

By subtracting 16 on both sides your equation would look like this

2x = -6     Now to get " x " alone we have to divide by 2 on both sides

By dividing by 2 on both sides your equation would look like this

x= -3  which is your answer

Jyotsana | Student

2x+16=10   subtract 16 on both side


2x=-6    Divide by 2 on both side



krishna-agrawala | Student

Solving the given equation means finding the value of x for the given expression.

We do in the following steps:

The given equation is:

2x + 16 = 10

First we transfer all the terms containing x to left hand side of the equation and all the terms with only numbers to the right hand side of equation.

In changing the side of any term the sign of the term gets reversed. In this case, we will transfer 16 to right hand side changing its sign to -ve:

Thus the equation becomes:

2x = 10 - 16 = - 6

Then we divide both sides of the equation by 2 to make left hand side equal to x. Thus:

x = -6/2 = -3


x = -3

neela | Student

To solve 2x+16 =10.


2x+16=10. We can solve this by retaining x's to one side , by adding or subtracting equals to both sides:

2x+16 -16 = 10-16. 16 is subtracted from both sides:

2x = -6. We dide both sides by 2.

2x/2 = -6/2 . Or

x = -3.

giorgiana1976 | Student

In order to solve the equation, we'll have to find a value for x so that the equation to hold, even after the substitution of the unknown x with the found value was made.

A proper manner to solve this type of equation would be  to subtract, both sides of the equation, the opposite value of the one of the left side, so that, in the end, the left side to contain only the unknown x.



Now, to move 2 across the equal sign, we need to divide both sides of the equation with 2.



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