Solve the equation x - sinx = 0.

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x-sinx =0

==> sinx = x

If you assume that there are two functions:

y=sinx and y=x

The graph will show that both functions only intersect at one point (0,0)

Then the only solution is x=0

To check

sin 0 = 0

The only value for the equality is 0

sin 0 = 0


x-sinx > 0 for x>0

x-sinx <0 for x<0

x-sinx=0 for x=0

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To solve x-sinx = 0.


We know that  sinx < x  always for all x

So sinx /x < 1 always.

But  Lt x--> 0 sinx/x = 1 is a well known limit.

Therefore sinx/x = 1 has no other solution than x=0.

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This  is a transcedental equation and for solving it we have to differentiate the function.


The derivative is a monotone increasing function

( -1<cosx<1), so the difference 1 -cos x>0 =>f(x)>0, so f(x) is an injection.

We'll calculate f(0):


Because f(x) is an injection, that means that f(x) is increasing, so, x=0 is the only solution for  x-sinx=0.