Solve the derivative of expression: tan^2(ln(square root(4e^x+2x^2))) + cot^2(ln(square root(4e^x+2x^2)))

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We have the expression: tan( ln (sqrt (4e^x+2x^2)))^2 + cot (ln (sqrt (4e^x + 2x^2)))^2

We have to find the derivative of the expression. We use the chain rule and start from the innermost function.

f(x) = tan( ln (sqrt (4e^x+2x^2)))^2 + cot (ln (sqrt (4e^x + 2x^2)))^2

f'(x) = 2*tan( ln (sqrt (4e^x+2x^2)))* (sec(ln (sqrt (4e^x+2x^2))))^2*(1/sqrt...

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