Solve D=ABC for C.

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The relation given is: D=ABC

It is only possible to express C in terms of the other variables A, B and D by moving them to one side and leaving C on the other.

A*B*C = D

Dividing both sides by A*B leaves C on one side.

C = D/(A*B)

The value of C in terms of the other variables is C = D/(A*B)

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To solve D=ABC for C means to come up with an expression for C in terms of all the other variables. 

D = ABC 

C is being multiplied by A and B. To undo this, we should divide by A and B. 

This leaves us with 

`(D)/(AB) = C`

` `

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Solve D=ABC for C.

(To solve for C you have to get it alone on one side)

To make the C alone, you would have to divide AB