Solve.Be careful to examine work to see if the equation has no solution or an infinite number of solutions A) -1+5(x-2)=12x+3-7x  B)9(x+3)-6=24-2x-3+11x

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(a) Solve -1+5(x-2)=12x+3-7x

Use the distributive property to clear the parantheses:

-1+5x-10=12x+3-7x      Add(collect) like terms on both sides

5x-11=5x+3         Subtract 5x from both sides

-11=3 which is not true for any value of x.

There is no solution to the equation.

(b) Solve 9(x+3)-6=24-2x-3+11x  Again use the dist. prop.

9x+27-6=24-2x-3+11x  Add like terms

9x+21=9x+21  Subtract 9x from both sides

21=21  This is true for all values of x.

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