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tjbrewer eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First step is to isolate the term with b, by subtracting the term 1/2ha from each side of the equation because 1/2ha is attached to 1/2hb by addition. 

A                  =1/2ha + 1/2hb
     -1/2ha       -1/2ha

Now we have to separate b from 1/2h.  Since the terms are connected by multiplication we use the opposite operation, division, to separate them

`(A-1/2 ha)-:(1/2 h) = (1/2 hb)-:(1/2 h)`

This yields `b=A/(1/2 h) - a` that's the equation solved for b.  Simplifying the equation we get `b=(2A)/h - a`

pramodpandey | Student


factor out

from right side ,we have ,

 `A=(1/2)h(a+b)` ,multiply both side by 2

 `2A=h(a+b)` ,divide both side by h

`(2A)/h=a+b` , add -a both side




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