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embizze eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you are asking to solve the equation, there must be something on the right hand side.

There are three basic directions typically given in math: simplify an expression, evaluate an expression, and solve an equality (or inequality.)

Simplifying usually results in a new expression, often with variables. For example to simplify x+x we add the x's to get 2x.

Evaluating normally results in a numerical answer. If asked to evaluate 2x when x=3 we substitute 3 for x in the expression to get 2(3)=6.

When solving we get a solution(s) that makes the given equation (or inequality) a true statement.

Suspecting that you have been asked to simplify the expression 2x+4x:

Adding like terms we get 2x+4x=6x. (Note that this is not an equation -- the = sign here indicates that the two sides are equivalent expressions.) Like terms means that both terms (monomials separated by addition or subtraction) have the same variables to the same power.

This works because of the distributive property of multiplication over addition:



The expression 2x+4x simplifies to 6x


rsarvar1a | Student

Well, this is not a truly solvable equation since there is nothing on the right side. However, we can simplify the left side, since 2x and 4x are like terms. This means we can add them:

2x + 4x =

6x =

bishama | Student

In any algebraic expression, generally numbers are considered when solving. Hence, 2x+4x=6x

atyourservice | Student

2x + 4x = 6x

To make it easier on your self, remember you are adding common terms, therefore the only thing that will change would be the number in front of the variable.

If you were adding 2x and 4y on the other hand, this would be a whole different process because despite them being variables, they are not the same type, therefore they can't be added together.

aishukul | Student

When you are trying to add 2x+4x keep in mind it is like regular addition, however, this time, it is with variables. 2+4=6 so the answer is 6x. However, for multiplication it would be different since you add the exponents of the variables together. `2x^1*4x^1=8x^2.`

Since the problem is adding not multiplying, we know it's simple since we just have to add the numbers (coefficients) together and keep in mind that there is a variable x. So the answer is 6x.  2x+4x=6x.