solution a is 30% acidic by volume, solution b is 0% acidic by volume. How much of solution a do we  add to solution b to make 800ml with 54% acid by volume?  

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thilina-g eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Actually you cant do this, if solution b is 0% percent acidic, the only thing you can do by addin b to a is the dilution. To concentrate from 30% to 54% the acidity of b should be greater than 54%.

This can be shown mathematically below.


The acidity of a = 30%

The acidity of b = 0%

The volume of a added = a

The volume of b added = b



`a+b = 800`

`30/100 xx a + 0/100 xx b = 54/100 xx 800`

`30a = 43200`

`a = 1440`


Therefore, `b = 800-1440 = -640.`

A volume cannot be negative, you cant make this happen.