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A solution of 1 M glucose has to be prepared. How many grams of glucose are needed for this

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Molarity is a way of expressing the concentration of solute in a solution. It is the number of moles of solute in one liter of a solution.

Glucose has a chemical formula C6H12O6 and its molar mass is 180.16 g/mole.

A solution of glucose with molarity 1 M has one mole of glucose in every liter of solution. If one liter of 1 M solution of glucose has to be prepared, one mole of glucose is required. One mole of glucose is equivalent to 180.16 g of glucose.

To prepare one liter of 1 M solution of glucose 180.16 grams of glucose is required.

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ayl0124 | Student

Molarity is:

`"M" = ("moles")/("liters")`

You have not specified how much of the 1M glucose solution you need. 

If you need 0.5 L of solution, you would need 0.5 moles of glucose, 1 L for 1 mole and so on.

To convert moles to grams, you must use dimensional analysis:

`? "moles" = (180.16"g")/(1"moles") = ? "g"`

For example, 0.5 moles of glucose would be 90.08 grams of glucose.