A solution of 0.365g of HCl per L of water is prepared and 10.0ml of this is the diluted to 100ml. what is the pH of the solution? (HCl=36.5g/mole)

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The mols of HCl present in 0.365g is,

n = 0.365 g / 36.5 g/mol

n = 0.01 mol.

Now this is in 1 L. If you take 10ml out of this and dilute it upto 100 ml, the concentration has been diluted 10 times.

Therefore final concentration is, C,

C = (0.01 mol/l)/10

C = 0.001 mol per liter.

HCl disassociates according to following reaction,

HCl ------> H+   + Cl-   

Therefore the [H+] concentrtion is 0.001 mol per litre.

The definition of pH is,

pH = -log[H+]

pH = -log[0.001]

pH = -(-3)

pH = 3


The pH of the solution is 3.

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