"The Solitary Reaper" describes a memorable experience of WILLIAM WORDSWORTH.Describe it in 80 words

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The most memorable experience in Wordsworth's poem is the song of the solitary reaper.  The speaker, presumably Wordsworth, is wandering and is stopped in his path with the sight of the woman in the field.  She is alone and while this vision is something to behold, it is the moment the speaker hears her song where the true experience of the moment is felt.  The speaker does not know what the song is about, nor does he understand anything that is being said.  Yet, this song and this particular moment reveals so much to him because it allows the moral imagination of the speaker to be expanded, as a sense of wonderment enters his own reality.  The speaker surmises that the song is about "old, unhappy, far off things" or "battles long ago."  The song might even be about "some natural sorrow."  It is hearing this song and the wonderment that it initiates that allows this moment to be one of memory, something to be recalled upon as it helps the speaker "see into the life of things," transforming reality from what it is to what it can be.