A Soldier's Play on DVD? Missed this play at the Second Stage Theater in New York City last winter and wonder if anyone knows if it exists on DVD, or if it's on tour.

Expert Answers
amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The play you are looking for does not appear to be available on DVD, nor did I find any evidence that this play was on tour anywhere in this country or elsewhere.  However, I did discover that there is a film version retitled "A Soldier's Story," directed by Norman Jewison.  It is available online for $10.99 through Blockbuster Video and seems to have gotten rave reviews.  The rating is PG, so you would be able to show it in your classroom without all the permission forms PG-13 and R rated films require.

Hope this is similar enough to the play that it will serve your needs!  Good Luck!