Is soical work/workers imprtant for a society or cityJust Curious !!!

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There are special situations where a social worker is almost indispensable such as when considering laws that need navigating and opportunities that may be available. I'm thinking specifically of disabled people. For instance, one Vietnam War vet suddenly found himself the victim of a potentially fatal rare nerve disease. His social worker provided him with a creative writing instructor who guided him in writing the story of his experience with this illness as an inspirational story. The book was edited and published. He is now on his fifth book and sells a goodly number of all his books. His social worker waded through the laws that pertained to his situation and negotiated funding for his opportunities. Now, this man has new dignity (it's a strain to one's sense of dignity to be marching toward death), a vocation and a fulfilled dream.

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I certainly think social workers are very beneficial to the city. A city is a place with many social problems. And some of the social problems would be best helped by able social workers. If you think about it, many people, even if they have good hearts, do not have the proper training to make a dent in the social problems of society. Social workers are trained in this area and so can do a great job. Moreover, good social workers love their jobs.

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# 2 is right that conservatives would prefer that most social work be voluntary and that people not be encouraged to become dependent on the government -- a dependency that can harm both them and society in the long run. I heard just yesterday, in fact, that the number of persons now receiving food stamps has grown enormously after the past few decades, even when the economy was in relatively "good" condition.

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Social workers are important for society. Social workers don't only help poor people. They also help middle class people and even the wealthy. People who suffer from various addictions (to drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc.) and who don't feel comfortable reaching out to family or friends can seek a social worker to get connected to services and communities of support. Often, social workers help children out of abusive situations. Social workers advocate for those who feel (and perhaps are) powerless or victimized by their circumstances.
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The services that social workers provide are very important both to urban communities and to rural areas. They help provide access to services that otherwise would not be available, including health, legal advice, and other support. What they do with such limited resources is astonishing.

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Definitely! In one sense, social workers are there to help alleviate the various ills of society and to help people deal with the problems that they face in day to day life. For so many people, especially those on a low income, life can be a real challenge. Social workers help others to cope with life and the problems that it brings.

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It is hard to say.  There are certainly those who would argue that what social workers do is not that valuable.  Conservatives, in particular, would say that it is not good for poor people to be steered towards government programs.  They would say that what the poor is something more like help from private religious charities.

Conservatives might argue that social workers are too inclined to enable the poor to continue doing things that are not really in their best interests.

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Yes, I think social workers provide a valuable service to our community.  The problem is that they are severely overworked.  Most social workers have hundreds of files in their case loads, and this is way too many to give each individual attention.

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A lot of people have psychological problems,,,
But the important thing is the presence of social workers to these problems.
Because the psychological and social problems evolve and thus become dangerous to society and then city.

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I believe so. A lot of people suffer from depression, anxiety etc. and need someone to talk to, and to seek advice from. Social workers really do make a difference in the community.