Soda water acidic or basic ? 

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Is soda water (carbonated water) acidic or basic?


Soda water, also called carbonated water, is acidic. 

We know that carbonated water is acidic based of its pH, which is a way to measure how acidic or basic a given substance is, which is caused by the hydrogen ions (charged hydrogen) in the substance. The pH level of carbonated water ranges between 3 and 4, where a pH of 7 is neutral, a pH of 14 is highly basic, and a pH of 0 is highly acidic. This is relatively acidic and gives soda water a distinctive "bite" or sour taste. In fact, carbonated water is acidic enough that some studies have shown it to slightly degrade tooth enamel. 

Carbonated water is water (chemical formula `H_2O`) with carbon dioxide gas (chemical formula `CO_2`) dissolved in it through injection. Interestingly, some amount of this carbon dioxide will react with the water to form a third compound called carbonic acid (chemical formula `H_2CO_3`). This acid is responsible for the low pH (acidity) of soda water. 

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