Discuss the idea that Socrates is probably always in "bubble thought" because he compares too many things to his past.

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I think that the statement might be valid, but I also think that it can be something to apply to most purely philosophers.  Plato's construction of Socrates is one where Socrates uses his own understanding of his past or his experiences to help formulate his ideas about what it means to be just and what it means to construct a society along those lines.  I think that Socrates uses his own analysis and his frame of reference in the hope of making that which is subjective into the universal.  This is something that Socrates does throughout his analysis.  There is little in way of socio- economic assessment, critique of ownership of the means of production, and little in way of social realist view of being.  Part of this is because all of these constructs occur much later in the philosophical dialectic.  At the point of the Greek/ Classical thinkers, being immersed in so- called "bubble thought"  is how philosophy was conducted and how philosophical thought was viewed.  In this respect, Socrates is part of the philosophical fabric of the time period.  This is a criticism that can be made of Socrates, but it is so much reflective of his time period that it might be difficult or unrealistic to demand that Socrates as characterized by Plato be a part of his time period and yet transcend it with that which could not have been understood.

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