What sociological issues come into play when relocating  a business?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The sociological factors that are most likely to come into play in the relocation of a business have to do with the kind of people that are needed as workers and/or as customers.

When a business is thinking about relocating, it must determine whether it will be able to find the right kind of people to work for it and whether it will have (if it is a retail business) the right kind of people to buy from it.  A business that requires a great deal of skilled labor might have to think twice, for example, about relocating to a place where the population has poor levels of education and training.  A retail business specializing in down-market merchandise will not want to relocate into an affluent area.  These are the sorts of sociological issues that firms must consider when deciding about relocating.

jitendrahole | Student

Relocating a business can be a logistical challenge with unknown difficulties. Business relocate for many reasons like growth, cost and customer base. Many issues to be considered but beter solution is the your own homework before moving your business to new location. Need to consider commercial environment, the infrastructure available to mobile business activities, available manpower the particular geographic area. The litteracy in the available community, existing political health of the state or city.

Most important the available labour and their wages, when deciding upon moving into new location. Also significantly need to understand the customers and their willingness to buy your products or services. It depends on the cultural aspects of the particular area for example if moving buinsess from western to asian countries will take huge risk. There are many factor at international level like the cultures, language gaps, education level of the people, populations, age differences, per capita incomes, cultural code of conducts, values of people, obssessions to countries heritege, available resources, etc will lead to the acceptance of the offered products and services.

Also, business code of conduct, protocals of business operation issues are the most considerable factors. Practicising unfair business could lead to overall economy of the state or cities growth, so understanding trade unions and forum legal aspects can be considered at the priority.

Thus overall other factors also come into picture automatically, when deciding to relocate business. Not only Sociological aspects but there are others should be taken into considerations.

However, sociological factor plays vital role in relocating existing business.