Society and historical context influence on art I´m writing a paper on the influence of the 15th century on Giordano Luca´s "Fallen Angels" and of the 70s on Basquiat´s "Fallen Angel". I´ve found plenty of material on the Renaissance, but not a whole lot on 70s historical context in relation to the visual arts. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Sofia

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One important historical context was the breakdown in the line between high culture and popular culture. This accompanied mass media, and was to some extent a part of the counterculture movement discussed in Post 2. Basquiat's beginnings as a grafitti artist can also be understood in the context of a new urban culture that developed in inner cities that experienced white flight and increased poverty.

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The seventies was a unique cultural era. I suggest looking for information on the influence if the Vietnam War on visual art. TV and other technological changes might have had an impact. There is also the strong counterculture, and the impact of the previous decade's social movements.
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