Explain the social work profession's commitment to social justice. Is all social work political?

Expert Answers
thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main difference between social work as a discipline and sociology is that while sociology is committed to understanding social phenomena, social work is a form of praxis, focusing on active intervention in social problems. Social workers are committed to helping the victims of various forms of social injustice, whether that injustice is systematic or localized. They work with people who may be victims of spousal abuse, poverty, or various forms of discrimination or marginalization, such as seniors, children, and the disabled. 

Although many social workers are focused on the effects of social injustice, such as children lacking food or shelter, many are also concerned with the root causes of the symptoms they treat. Thus social work is political in the sense that it would be illogical to try to help, for example, people who suffer from lack of access to medical care or domestic abuse without trying to address the root causes of those problems, which are inherently political. 

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