When it comes to social stratification what is the difference between open and closed system?

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When it comes to social stratification, generally speaking, there are closed and open systems. Let me offer a brief description of each.

A closed system, as one can imagine, does not allow for social mobility to take place. A person's status in the social hierarchy is established. It justifies and legitimatizes the social inequalities as normative. In such as system a person is assigned a place in society on the basis of things like age, birth or gender. Personal merit does not play a role. In addition, as expected, all such mobility would be vehemently suppressed. An example of a closed society would be the caste system of India.

An open system encourages mobility. In this type of society a person is assigned social positions based on merit and achievement. So, if a person achieves a lot, then he or she would be assigned a higher position in the social ladder. An example of this type of society is American culture to some extent.

The implications of each society should be obvious. People who live in open societies often work harder to move up.

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