What are some avenues one could pursue in seeking financial assistance for research projects focusing on crime?  

Expert Answers
kipling2448 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When seeking financial assistance in the form of grants for research projects focusing on crime or criminal justice, the first website one should consult is the National Institute of Justice (www.nij.gov/funding/).  The NIJ is a U.S. Government agency that provides grants for research projects in the area of criminal justice.  The website provides useful information on how to go about applying for a grant through the NIJ, and what requirements it imposes with regard to verification that the money is being used in accordance with NIJ policies and consistent with the grant proposal submitted by those seeking financial assistance.

Another U.S. Government website that provides good insights into attaining grants for research on crime is maintained by the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (www.ncjrs.gov/fedgrant.html), which includes links not just to the National Institute of Justice, but to other government agencies that provide research grants, including the Office for Victims of Crime, Bureau of Justice Statistics, and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.  Similarly, the Department of Justice has a website dedicated to providing information on funding opportunities (www.justice.gov/business/), which includes additional options for applying for grants.

Nongovernmental organizations that provide funding opportunities for researchers focusing on crime include the Ford and MacArthur Foundations, both of which have websites dedicated to the processing of applications for grants to fund research on crime.  The Ford Foundation website is www.fordfoundation.org/issues/human-rights/reforming-civil-and-criminal-justice-systems/for-grant-seekers, and the MacArthur Foundation website address is www.macfound.org/info-grantseekers/grantmaking-guidelines/juvenile_justice-grant-guideline/.  Both the Ford and the MacArthur Foundation are large, stable organizations that have provided grants to numerous organizations over many years.

This represents only a few of the organizations/websites in the United States that provide grants for research into various components of criminal justice.