Social networking as a marketing tool to the consumers.literature review needed networking marketing tool consumers web 2.o

tsippy | Student


I believe that you are off to a good start, however, I believe your paragraph should include both pros and cons of the social network and its ablility to enhance marketing. Some example that come to mind for the pros are as follows: 1. social networking reached millions of people with diverse cultures, educations and backgrounds daily. 2. Buisness men and woman can grow their business network/contacts much quicker, as long as they are able to maintain a professional relationship with their contacts. 3. The job market would also continue to grow 4. Will allow a place to hold virtual meetings with multiple clients at one setting.

Some examples of the cons are as follows: 1. Cyber crimes are a risk when working with social networks 2. There is not a guarantee by the social network 3.Also, online scams are always a cause of concern.

I hope this has helped and you are able to strengthen your work.

skampani | Student
social network can be used as a marketing tool to promote brand image of a product. It can be used as a means to make the target market more aware about the existance of a particular product(for instance making a group on facebook). Social networking can prove to be a cheap and effective method of advertisement, hence bringing down the cost of marketing of firms. Opinions of consumers or potential consumers can be posted by them on social networking sites (and reviwed by marketing managers.)